吉祥寺の中道通り商店街に面し、シングルオリジンコーヒーを提供するLIGHT UP COFFEEのリニューアルオープンのための内装を設計した。



また、同店の入口の前には外階段があり、通りから奥まっていることから、店内の様子を伺いにくい。LIGHT UP COFFEEのブランドカラーである青色を店外の外看板、入口のサッシ枠、店内の正面の壁に用いて外から中へ繋げることで、お客さんを引込む関係をつくった。



We designed the interior for the reopening of LIGHT UP COFFEE, a single origin coffee shop facing the Nakamichi-dori shopping street in Kichijoji.

The client wanted to have people enjoy coffee not only at the shop but also at home, and had a desire to hold drip coffee workshops and other events at the shop.

The first idea was to create two types of furniture that could be rearranged in various layouts to suit different uses. One is a stool with a removable seat that can be stacked and functions as a high table during workshops. The other is a side table that can be used by one person or by multiple people with the backs of the tables together. Both are simply assembled with lauan plywood, and the corners are planed off to create a sense of familiarity and continuity when placed next to each other.

There is an exterior staircase in front of the entrance, and the shop is set back from the street, making it difficult to see what is inside. The blue, the brand color of LIGHT UP COFFEE, was used for the sign outside the store, the sash frame at the entrance, and the front wall inside the store to create a connection from the outside to the inside, creating a relationship that draws customers in.

Before the renovation, most of the interior design was DIY work by the owner. The barista members participated in the demolition, floor polishing, painting of the walls and ceiling, and oil stain painting of the plywood, making it easier for the baristas to continue to serve the customers, and making the restaurant even more beloved.


  • Title

    LIGHT UP COFFEE Kichijoji

  • Location

    4-13-15 Kichijojihoncho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

  • Usage


  • Collaboration

    Sanako Oosawa

  • Construction

    Souta Yoriki

  • Date

    Jun / 2022

  • Photography

    Tomoyuki Kusunose